Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Holidays Frida!

Frida Kahlo is the inspiration for this blog. Merry Christmas Frida!

Things are crazy busy here at the gallery. We do a ton of custom picture framing at Christmas time and we are deep into the rush. Playing Santa's helper is all I have time for over the next few days.

I plan to resume posting guest artists as soon as we get past the holidays.


Sunday, December 7, 2008

Joel Blazer

Joel Blazer says -

"my name is joel blazer. i have been painting for a little over a decade now. in 1998 i saw an egon schiele book and was amazed at his style. i never new you could make the human figure look the way he made it look. so i started studying the human figure. that is pretty much all i did from 1998 till 2001. then i met some graffiti artists and was amazed off of their crazy lines and bright colors. in 2003 i was blessed with meeting and working for one of my favorite artists phil frost. he was living here in cincinnati at the time making a painting for a traveling art show called "beautiful losers" that was kick started at the cincinnati contemporary art center. i recieved an associates degree in graphic design for print a couple of years ago. i have exhibited my work in ohio, kentucky, indiana and new york. i dont have a formal website yet but you can see more work at just look under my pics section on my myspace page."

joel blazer

Joel, I really like the work! Keep it going and best of luck!
KV Abbott

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

"Visitation" KV Abbott $600 SOLD

In this economy any time we sell a painting is cause for celebration. This painting is my most recent sale. The piece measures 26" X 26" including frame. I have always really liked this painting. I'm happy to see it go to a good home and what is becoming a very solid local art collection.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Derek Jones

"I am best known as a figure painter and printmaker - hand pulled "original" prints not the dreaded reproductions that are flooding the market. I tend to be technique driven so here you will find experiments in different media. Work is for sale - if you have any questions, want to know prices or where to see the work please email me!"

Derek Jones

I recently became aquainted with Derek's artwork through Blog Village where we both have highly ranked web sites. When I first visited his site I recognized right away that he is an extremely talented artist.

Derek lives and works in the Scottish Borders, United Kingdom. He is a prolific talent whose is able to work in a variety of mediums, (Oil, Pastel, Print Making, Charcoal, etc.) with a high degree of skill. His subject matter ranges from the human figure, to landscapes and wonderful abstracts. I had a hard time deciding which images to use as there are so many excellent choices. These images here are just a few examples and I strongly encourage everyone to visit Derek's web site to see more of his fantastic work. These images are excellent but are only a tease and don't even scratch the surface of his strong portfolio.

KV Abbott

To see more art by Derek Jones visit:

Monday, November 24, 2008

Coco Lopez

"Currently I'm an Undergraduate Studio Art student at Hunter College. This image is from a series of photographs that deals with the idea of subconscious color relationships and form. Graffiti art is an obsession of mine and here I examine it very close, so close that the exact tags or words that are written cannot be read. Although the action of writing one's tag on a wall is chosen, the way it plays with other tags on a space or the exact place it was written is often purely coincidental. This image also examines time, both absolute and relative."

Coco Lopez

I picked Coco out of the first dozen or so submissions because I am impressed with the simple visual strength of the work. I also identify with it because it reminds me of some work I did in the 1980's while living in Monterey, Ca. . I did a series of Cibachrome prints, close-ups of shipping containers, graffiti, rust, shadows and all. The works won several awards and were selected for some prestigious exhibitions.

I like what you are doing Coco! Keep up the great work and good luck out there!

KV Abbott

To see more work by Coco Lopez visit. Also at

Friday, November 21, 2008

Guest Artist - Debe Abbott

"Movement in Black and Red" by Debe Abbott. This painting has long been a favorite of mine. An acrylic on canvas, the piece measures 24" X 36" and is framed in a beautiful black frame with a gold leaf lip. The painting is stunning and classic abstract expressionism.

Debe is perhaps best known for her pastel landscapes but she is a versatile artist and spent most of the late 1980's and the 1990's painting contemporary abstract works. She had considerable success at first with Elhoff Gallery in Syracuse where she sold fifty three paintings over a three year period. Later at Roselawn Galleries in Pittsford, NY she sold well over one hundred paintings during a thirteen year relationship with the gallery. Many of these paintings were abstract paintings although more decorative in style than the classic look of this bold piece.

Debe's work is currently available at Fingerlakes Gallery, Canadaigua, NY, Margie's Muse, Jamaica, VT., Vintage Art Seneca, SC and at her studio gallery in Central Square and on-line at or at her blog

I suppose it's only right that I give Debe my first Guest Artist spot on this blog. Afterall she is exceptionally talented and has put up with me for 27 years and counting.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Call for Artists

Are you a contemporary artist who finds inspiration from the modernists, post modernists or absrtact expressionists? Do you appreciate figurative abstraction as well as non representational abstraction?

Send me an example of your work and a little bit about the piece and about your self. I will select works to post and hopefully generate a dialog with like minded artists and art lovers about the posts.

This is for fun and exposure only, but you never know when you may tap into a new collector. I'm doing more and more business on line. In fact I had to stop in the middle of writing this to answer the phone and talk with a customer in another city who had a question about a print she saw in our web store.

In the event that someone should want to purchase a published piece we will put the customer in direct contact with you the artist but only under the terms you wish.

All forms of visual media will be considered.

Send me jpeg files to Please resize them to a reasonable range to work with if they are huge files.

Friday, November 14, 2008

"Organica" - NYSCA Grant project nears completion

The actual piece is complete and in storage as I write this. I am very pleased with the fabrication and even more excited by the enthusiastic response by the few who have been privy to a sneak peak.

I had to wait on the Central Square Library Board of Directors to give me their approval for the installation. They did so two days ago and with today's good weather I dug the foundation and poured the concrete for the foundation. The concrete needs to cure for several days before I can pour the concrete for the pedestal and then likewise that will have to cure a week before I can install the sculpture.

I will document the entire process and post here and on KV Abbott's Art Blog for those interested.

The folks at the Parish Library are now talking about the possibility of starting a fund for one of my pieces also.

Thursday, November 13, 2008


The idea came to me to create a new blog for some of my work that may not be appropriate to post on KV Abbott' Art Blog. I often do a lot of very experimental work and some figurative work that I will post here. Stuff that is a little more removed from the main stream if you will.

The image used on the header is a detail from an unfinished painting from a series of black and white paitnings that I have been working on off and on for over a year now. Most of the work here is available for purchase. Contact me for prices, sizes, framing, etc.

Unlike some other artists out there today, all of the manipulated images are my own. I do not pull images off the internet. They are my own own original images, be they photographs, paintings, collage, whatever.

One of my artist heroes is the legendary Mexican artist Frida Kahlo, hence the name, as I pay homage to her bravery and willingness to take chances as an artist. I would not even suggest to be in her league, but do draw considerable inspiration from her and others of the "Avant-Garde" of the last century.

I will gradually add content as time permits. I am currently entering into what is typically our busy season here at the gallery. We'll see with the economic slow down just how busy this holiday season turns out to be.

I am also in the final stages of completing a public sculpture project that has been a year in the works. My sculpture "Organica" will be installed in front of our public library as soon as the foundation has cured. This project was funded by a grant from the New York State Council on the Arts (NYSCA) and the Syracuse Cultural Resources Council.

Pop in here now and then or subscribe if you feel inclined to see what I add as I build this site.


KV Abbott