Monday, November 24, 2008

Coco Lopez

"Currently I'm an Undergraduate Studio Art student at Hunter College. This image is from a series of photographs that deals with the idea of subconscious color relationships and form. Graffiti art is an obsession of mine and here I examine it very close, so close that the exact tags or words that are written cannot be read. Although the action of writing one's tag on a wall is chosen, the way it plays with other tags on a space or the exact place it was written is often purely coincidental. This image also examines time, both absolute and relative."

Coco Lopez

I picked Coco out of the first dozen or so submissions because I am impressed with the simple visual strength of the work. I also identify with it because it reminds me of some work I did in the 1980's while living in Monterey, Ca. . I did a series of Cibachrome prints, close-ups of shipping containers, graffiti, rust, shadows and all. The works won several awards and were selected for some prestigious exhibitions.

I like what you are doing Coco! Keep up the great work and good luck out there!

KV Abbott

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