Friday, November 28, 2008

Derek Jones

"I am best known as a figure painter and printmaker - hand pulled "original" prints not the dreaded reproductions that are flooding the market. I tend to be technique driven so here you will find experiments in different media. Work is for sale - if you have any questions, want to know prices or where to see the work please email me!"

Derek Jones

I recently became aquainted with Derek's artwork through Blog Village where we both have highly ranked web sites. When I first visited his site I recognized right away that he is an extremely talented artist.

Derek lives and works in the Scottish Borders, United Kingdom. He is a prolific talent whose is able to work in a variety of mediums, (Oil, Pastel, Print Making, Charcoal, etc.) with a high degree of skill. His subject matter ranges from the human figure, to landscapes and wonderful abstracts. I had a hard time deciding which images to use as there are so many excellent choices. These images here are just a few examples and I strongly encourage everyone to visit Derek's web site to see more of his fantastic work. These images are excellent but are only a tease and don't even scratch the surface of his strong portfolio.

KV Abbott

To see more art by Derek Jones visit:

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