Friday, November 14, 2008

"Organica" - NYSCA Grant project nears completion

The actual piece is complete and in storage as I write this. I am very pleased with the fabrication and even more excited by the enthusiastic response by the few who have been privy to a sneak peak.

I had to wait on the Central Square Library Board of Directors to give me their approval for the installation. They did so two days ago and with today's good weather I dug the foundation and poured the concrete for the foundation. The concrete needs to cure for several days before I can pour the concrete for the pedestal and then likewise that will have to cure a week before I can install the sculpture.

I will document the entire process and post here and on KV Abbott's Art Blog for those interested.

The folks at the Parish Library are now talking about the possibility of starting a fund for one of my pieces also.

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Nina Alvarez, Chief Editor, Artspan said...

Hey! Thanks for posting my photo and linking back to Philthy Art! I had no idea. You're a great friend, KV. Here's to 2009!