Sunday, December 7, 2008

Joel Blazer

Joel Blazer says -

"my name is joel blazer. i have been painting for a little over a decade now. in 1998 i saw an egon schiele book and was amazed at his style. i never new you could make the human figure look the way he made it look. so i started studying the human figure. that is pretty much all i did from 1998 till 2001. then i met some graffiti artists and was amazed off of their crazy lines and bright colors. in 2003 i was blessed with meeting and working for one of my favorite artists phil frost. he was living here in cincinnati at the time making a painting for a traveling art show called "beautiful losers" that was kick started at the cincinnati contemporary art center. i recieved an associates degree in graphic design for print a couple of years ago. i have exhibited my work in ohio, kentucky, indiana and new york. i dont have a formal website yet but you can see more work at just look under my pics section on my myspace page."

joel blazer

Joel, I really like the work! Keep it going and best of luck!
KV Abbott

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KV Abbott said...

TIMEFORFRIDA was contacted by a third party looking to offer Joel an exhibition opportunity. Good Luck with that Joel and keep us posted!