Monday, January 19, 2009

Mick Mather

Long Over Due! I am most happy to feature Mick as a "Guest Artist" on TIMEFORFRIDA. Mick and I have known each other for years. I think I first met Mick way back when he was managing Art Mart, 15 years ago or more I think. We later reacquainted when we both served as judges at a high school art competition. I have subsequently dealt with Mick in his capacity at the Cultural Resources Council on shows at the Warehouse Gallery, the Syracuse Totem project and grant issues. It was at a CRC program that I attended and took a blogging workshop from Mick. Little did he know then the monster he unleashed. Yes Mick taught me about blogging. I literally didn't know what a blog was when I walked into that class in the summer of 2007. I went home that evening and began KV Abbott's Art Blog modeled in many respects after MICKMATHERTSARTBLOG.

TIMEFORFRIDA is of course now one of my favorite projects. I really enjoy working with artists from all over. To date we have posted "Guest Artists" from Boston, Baltimore,Brooklyn, NY, Cincinnati, Denver and the UK with submissions coming in from all over the world. Now of course we can add Syracuse, NY to the list.

Mick Mather
- Short Bio -

Mick Mather is a local artist, printmaker, land art sculptor, writer, editor and publisher. He has exhibited his block-relief prints, monoprints & monotypes and digital prints locally, regionally and internationally. From 1989 to 1999 he was the editor & publisher of a quarterly arts digest for printmakers and rubber stampers. Current daily output finds the artist creating digital prints from digitally manipulated drawings, paintings, ‘found’ images and his own photographs. Mick is always hard at work with text, prose and written works that are wedded to his artistic images for the purpose of documenting “walking art projects” and site-specific land art sculpture. Creative writing projects are always in development. Examples of three such projects can be found at Mick Mather’s flickr set: The Vignettes, The Inventor’s Diary and Chronicles of a Lonesome Princess. More writing can be found online posted at MickMathersARTblog, Espresso Stories, Silk Creek Review and BloodrootZ.

In addition to his work as a fine artist, Mick works in arts management and currently holds the position of Special Projects Coordinator at the Cultural Resources Council of Syracuse & Onondaga County, Inc. in Central New York State.

I had a hard time deciding which images to post. Mick is a very prolific artist and there is an awful lot of good stuff to choose from. Here are some I especially like, but I assure you these are just a tease. Visit Mick's Blog. Click the hyper liked image in the side bar to be redirected to MICKMATHERSARTBLOG. You'll be glad you did! Good Luck Mick and Thanks for everything!

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Mick said...

Jeepers! This happened pretty darned fast, Kevin! I say thanks and thanks again for adding me to such a fine group of artists.