Saturday, February 28, 2009

"Mojave Passage" by KVAbbott $500.00

Original abstract encaustic painting on rag board by KV Abbott. Earth tones with metallic shimmer from underneath the surface. Framed in a clear maple frame with an off white rag mat w/v-groove. 19" X 22"

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Jim Edwards

Born in Bangor, Wales (UK). Studied at (BA HONS) Norwich School of Art and Design, UK.
Paints full time in Newcastle Upon Tyne, the city which is the main focus of his paintings.

Jim Edwards' work falls into two genres, contemporary cityscapes and abstract paintings inspired by manmade forms and buildings. Both styles follow a theme of architecturally inspired structures and dominating linear form.
Edwards' cityscape paintings are not studies from life, nor is he trying to capture a particular viewpoint or moment in time. His paintings have their origin in memory, how he remembers the workings and landmarks of the city, rather than a strightforward representation. The compositions evolve from a combination of imagination and selective memory, which are then altered and exaggerated. Certain buildings are forgotten, or simplified, creating a personal view of the city.
This personal impression of cityscapes often runs into his more abstract work, where the block shapes he paints represent manmade forms, rooms and human spaces. These combine with connecting lines, suggesting marks within a landscape, pathways linking seperate constructs.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Peter Smolenski

I am a 46 year old artist, photographer and musician from Northampton,MA. I have had way too many shows to remember, some national exhibits, many one person and group shows. I never list them as I prefer to think about what's going on now, instead of some long list of shows from the past.I believe the art should be judged on itself, not some crazy resume which I could give you after much rememberence. I have several shows coming up this summer, the details which will be posted on the website when the info is all in place. I will probably play live music of some sorts at the openings as usual.
Current projects include more painting of course, and a series of holo/sculptures and holo/paintings in collaberation with holographer Tony Coleman of California. Also making models to be made into holograms, something I would like to bring to the fine art level (fine art holography). There is more stuff written about my work at "favorite artists" page, at the bottom of each page.

Monday, February 16, 2009

"Homage # 12" 1994 KV Abbott $400 - SOLD

This is from a body of work that I did beginning in the 1980's and ran through the mid 1990's. This painting is mixed media, encaustic and enamel on rag board. I have always really like this painting. The only thing I would change is the size. I would love to see a large canvas. At the time I was working in a small space that really limited how big I could work. The piece measures 12.5" X 15.5" framed.

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ben Stubbington

Ben Stubbington

Born in Portsmouth, UK. Studied Art and Design. Moved onto BA Hons in Fashion and Print at Brighton University, UK.

Now residing in Brooklyn, New York for the past 8 years. Working in Design full-time and painting in free-time in a studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Painting and Sketches
Influenced by caught moments in time, a struggle, a fight, a relief, a movement, survival, sensation, an impulse, a battle.

A non-permanent marking being made permanent. A freeze frame.

Studies of refractions of light and their movements over time influence the work. Re-occurring symbols and shapes that move from one painting to the next, but in very different application.

A color struggle of good and evil or just that of survival, a feeling of repetition. Layers of texture built up and the juxtaposition of resin encapsulating the finished work, encouraging unevenness on one painting and smooth clean surface on the next.

Paintings: Canvas and wood block. Acrylic, spray paint, pencil, markers, resin.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Norman Bluhm 1921 - 1999

I never met Norman Bluhm but feel connected to this far too under appreciated abstract expressionist painter. My father knew Norman. In fact he built his Vermont studio and Dad has some great Norman stories. He even had a pair of sun glasses given to him by Norman.

Like a lot of other American painters of that era, Norman spent a number of years living in Paris and later New York. He had associations with such ab-ex luminaries as Leo Castelli and Willem DeKooning and a long standing feud with Clement Greenberg.

The more I learn about Norman Bluhm the more I find him fascinating. I encourage anyone interested in this period of American Art to include Norman in their studies. You are missing out if you do not include Norman Bluhm.

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Monday, February 2, 2009

"China Town - Revisited" by KV Abbott $600.00 SOLD

An original encaustic abstraction. You can almost feel the molten energy in this piece. 23.5" X 27.5" framed.

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