Monday, February 23, 2009

Jim Edwards

Born in Bangor, Wales (UK). Studied at (BA HONS) Norwich School of Art and Design, UK.
Paints full time in Newcastle Upon Tyne, the city which is the main focus of his paintings.

Jim Edwards' work falls into two genres, contemporary cityscapes and abstract paintings inspired by manmade forms and buildings. Both styles follow a theme of architecturally inspired structures and dominating linear form.
Edwards' cityscape paintings are not studies from life, nor is he trying to capture a particular viewpoint or moment in time. His paintings have their origin in memory, how he remembers the workings and landmarks of the city, rather than a strightforward representation. The compositions evolve from a combination of imagination and selective memory, which are then altered and exaggerated. Certain buildings are forgotten, or simplified, creating a personal view of the city.
This personal impression of cityscapes often runs into his more abstract work, where the block shapes he paints represent manmade forms, rooms and human spaces. These combine with connecting lines, suggesting marks within a landscape, pathways linking seperate constructs.


Jim Edwards said...

Thanks Kevin, that's fantastic.

KV Abbott said...

It's my pleasure. I really enjoy posting the work of gifted artists such as yourself. You have a strong and unique vision. I am sure many others will enjoy being introduced to your work. Best Regards!

Mick said...

I also say thanks for giving us an opportunity to see Jim's work. I'm wild about the abstract pieces in particular.