Thursday, February 5, 2009

Norman Bluhm 1921 - 1999

I never met Norman Bluhm but feel connected to this far too under appreciated abstract expressionist painter. My father knew Norman. In fact he built his Vermont studio and Dad has some great Norman stories. He even had a pair of sun glasses given to him by Norman.

Like a lot of other American painters of that era, Norman spent a number of years living in Paris and later New York. He had associations with such ab-ex luminaries as Leo Castelli and Willem DeKooning and a long standing feud with Clement Greenberg.

The more I learn about Norman Bluhm the more I find him fascinating. I encourage anyone interested in this period of American Art to include Norman in their studies. You are missing out if you do not include Norman Bluhm.

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PONZI said...

Thanks for the heads up, i thought i knew most of the new york school painters to a tee, yet Bluhm escaped me somehow. It just shows the politics of the art world at that time truly favored the painters with "fables and stories".
Cody Wyoming my ass.

KV Abbott said...

I also intend to post a little piece on Mary Abbott. She was one of my favorite female painters of that period and few people know of her either