Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Peter Smolenski

I am a 46 year old artist, photographer and musician from Northampton,MA. I have had way too many shows to remember, some national exhibits, many one person and group shows. I never list them as I prefer to think about what's going on now, instead of some long list of shows from the past.I believe the art should be judged on itself, not some crazy resume which I could give you after much rememberence. I have several shows coming up this summer, the details which will be posted on the website when the info is all in place. I will probably play live music of some sorts at the openings as usual.
Current projects include more painting of course, and a series of holo/sculptures and holo/paintings in collaberation with holographer Tony Coleman of California. Also making models to be made into holograms, something I would like to bring to the fine art level (fine art holography). There is more stuff written about my work at www.artstudio54.com "favorite artists" page, at the bottom of each page.


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Peter - Thanks for the link onyour site. I appreciate it. Great work!!!!!!!!!