Monday, March 2, 2009

Ted Mikulski

My work is reflective of classic abstract expressionist style. I have always been an admirer of abstract art and began to paint sporadically in architecture school. As time went on I knew that art was the only form of design I wanted to pursue. I began teaching art and really diving into the art world to find my personal creative niche. There I found the major players in the abstract expressionism world and was hooked by its raw beauty and creativity. I prefer large canvases and I like to blend the paint in order to take away from the 'brush-to-canvas' effect. I still consider my work to be in its infancy, but it is ever-evolving. I try not to be too morose or negative in my paintings and I tend to stray away from the depressed feel that much of the original abstract expressionism possessed. I am just starting to work with others, collaborating ideas and theories. Collaborating is helping me to evolve as an artist and see things I previously had not My inspirational artists are Dale Chihuly, William Ronald and Helen Frankenthaler. I believe abstract expressionism to be the most pure of any art form and find it to be tremendously liberating.

Studied architecture at Norwich University (MArch)
Studio is in central CT


Jill Smith said...

Your paintings are fantastic and the look of free flowing paint gives them such movement. Do you use alchol mixed with the paint to get the organic effect. I tried here in the UK using it but know were sells the strong one and the low one did not do much so am trying a few mediums but up to now l am gettig nothing like this affect you have.

PONZI said...

Ted is great!

Ted said...

Hi Jill, thanks so much. I use a complex blend of latex paint to achieve various blending effects. The density of the paint dictates the levels of blending. The painting itself is a rather quick process but the prep time is rather massive. Drop me an email!

and thanks Pongratz!