Monday, April 13, 2009

Eliza Fry

Currently, I am working in mixed media assemblage. This has been my preferred medium for several years now since it brings together all the differing types of making art that I have explored over the years. I love the freedom mixed media gives me to put together colour and texture and varying surfaces. I am lucky enough to have my own studio and therefore have the space to collect all manner of objects, papers, paints and inks. Since I never know what a piece of art may require, I hang on to all sorts of things that other people might consider “garbage”. In fact, I find a lot of my resources at the local dump! I am also lucky in that I make part of my living in the art world, as a curator of a small public gallery. I get to connect often with other artists and in that interaction I find more of my inspiration.

The motivation behind my art is hard to define. I have an almost constant need or drive to create. I pile together rocks and driftwood on the beach, organize ornaments in my home, design flower beds in my garden and put together mixed media pieces in my studio. To me, all of that is art and I've always been inspired by it. Creating art is my meditation, spirituality and means of communicating with the rest of humanity. I use art to make statements about both personal and social issues and often a combination of both.

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PONZI said...

Georgeous and powerful!