Monday, April 6, 2009

Paul Goldman

Paul Goldman

My art is a product of my experiments with process, color, form and composition. I have always considered what I do to be “messing around with paint.” I never plan my paintings; I let what happens during the process determine the final outcome. Someone once described my art as being “dark, but whimsical,” and that sounds accurate to me. I prefer art that is expressive, dynamic, colorful, un-self conscious, and somewhat raw (Diebenkorn, DeKooning, Guston, Scully, Bazelitz, Basquait, etc.). I mostly work abstract these days, though I occasionally let in recognizable imagery (see TVs painting). Ultimately, the reason I paint is because I occasionally like the results.

I was born in Schenectady, New York in 1956. I grew up there and in Cleveland, Ohio and attended higher education at Boston University. Though I did art when I was young, I didn’t get serious about it until after graduating from College. I’ve taken painting courses at UMass and the Fine Arts School in Boston and the San Francisco Art Institute. I use a room in my apartment in San Francisco as a studio. I generally create about one painting a month.


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PONZI said...

Great stuff!!! Make sure to check out his guest book on his site. It's fun!