Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sean O'Neill

Well we are finally back at it here at TIMEFORFRIDA, after a couple of months of limited posts. Spring arrived and my time and energy moved to outside activities. I also inadvertently dumped a file with a number of submissions that I had planned to post. I apologize to those artists who have been looking for their work. Please feel free to re-submit.

In any case, I am pleased to introduce an exciting young artist
, Mr. Sean O'Neill. Sean is a recent graduate of the University of Delaware's Fine Art program. He also does some interesting sculpture and I especially like his photography. Check out his web site by clicking on the image in the side bar. Enjoy!!

Sean O'Neill

When creating a painting, I use a combination of minimal, expressive, and realistic techniques to craft pieces that create excitement, while simultaneously tell a story. Some topics I grace are comical, while others are more serious and dark.
Through the use of scale and shape, I can use minimal rendering to produce a high contrast between dark and light, thus making a photo-realistic painting, only painting in the darkest areas. I try to bring in this style, with a painterly style of both realistic (portraits) and expressionistic (landscapes). All elements come together to form a new world, a world that explores what is real and what is just finished with your eye and the viewers’ imagination. In every painting I try to create a sense of fantastical encounters and unhinged events by using imaginary situations and realistic characters. I investigate a new style of painting often. I maintain curiosities involving my own capabilities with paint, this mindset provides each one of my paintings with a distinctive style, that is at sometimes graphic and painterly. Inevitably I hope to unify these two elements of my painting style.
I started my graphic painting style with using just black and white. Using high contrast in these paintings progressed to incorporating such contrast with my instinctive painterly style. When I am painting, I have to become two painters; one who wants flat, highly contrasted black and white imagery, and the other who is interested in bright colorful images that can be made with the brush strokes. Each one is painted differently, the black and white is a very slow process of great detail and precision, and the more painterly technique is faster and more about movement and mark, than precision. I also attempt investigate the gloriousness of life and how everything around us is artistically crafted and seamlessly engaging in every way to everyone and the world around us.
I paint because I enjoy it, because if I didn’t paint I would not be able to fully engage the world around me and be able to create a sense of understanding for the relationships that all living and non-living things have with another. My art reflects my feelings about everything I hold inside myself until I paint it, whether it is to laugh a little more, or to cry a little more, it doesn’t really matter because I am just trying to evoke great feeling. I work to enhance the world one still, visual moment at a time. In each painting, whether I plan it out or just paint with no plan in mind, comes to life, and grasps the viewers’ attention. I hope to achieve this intensely and for as long as possible. I make my decisions as an artist based on my own experiences and feelings, rather than previously used techniques derived from any one artist. I find inspiration not from the work created by other artists, but from the subjects I choose to paint, and how I would like to see them

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